Time passes in Arthurian Britain. One adventure per year. This page will have links to yearly writeups of past adventures.

Uther Period 485-495Edit

The Period when Uther reigned as Pendragon and High King over all Britain

Anarchy Period 496-509Edit

The Interregnum. There is no king. Barons, Earls and Dukes fight both the Saxons and each other for supremacy.

Boy King Period 510-518Edit

The first years of Arthur's reign.

Conquest Period 519-530Edit

Arthur's military campaigns in Europe culminating in the siege of Rome.

Romance Period 531-539Edit

The founding of courtly romance and the Queen's Court of Love

Tournament Period 539-553Edit

The heigh of Arthur's reign marked by a Pax Brittania and the pitting of knight versus evil in serial questing.

Grail Quest Period 554-557Edit

The most famous quest of all and the beginning of the decline of Arthur's kingdom

Twilight Period 558-565Edit

The end of Arthur's reign.